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F. A. Qs:

    Q: What is the meaning of ‘Babulilm’?

    A: The literal meaning of the word ‘Babulilm’ is "Door way into the Knowledge".

    Q: How can I use this website?

    A: The information on our website is designed to help guide anyone looking for a comprehensive curriculum and course work material in the areas of Arabic Studies (Grammar and Tajweed), Islamic Studies, and Quranic Studies. The idea is for students to be able to systematically go through different levels to gain the basic and essential knowledge in these respective areas, without the burden of buying books or other expensive reference materials.

    Q: Who can use this website?

    A: Anyone interested in Islamic education. There is no cost involved. You are free to use any materials, forms, contents, and information in any form. You cam make copies to conduct class room sessions, or use our forms to implement in your week-end or other school settings. The information on our website can be used by anyone seeking the guidance from Quraan and the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (S).

    Q: Who developed this website and its contents?

    A: This website is developed by a dedicated team of individuals, with education, administration, teaching, and technical backgrounds. Currently they bring in excess of 1100 man hours. This is a work-in-progress. We are continually adding new modules for higher grades, adding and revising information to keep it most current and relevant, and to take into account the feedback and suggestions from a large number of its users across the globe.

    Q: When will the website be fully completed for grades VI and above?

    A: We are currently finishing the modules for higher grades and by the Grace of Allah (SWT) the new information will be continually uploaded to our servers for use by the public. Please continue to benefit from the current modules and other information, and periodically keep checking the other links for new information. We truly appreciate your patience.